Self-care that cares for others

At Shakti Mats, we believe wellbeing involves more than just ourselves, it extends to how we look after others. That is why every Shakti purchase generates a donation on your behalf, focusing on projects that make a profound impact on wellbeing. With your help so far, together we have been able to achieve...


Children sleeping
under mosquito nets


Deworming tablets


Vitamin A drops


Rainforest trees saved


Shakti scholarships


Children supported
with schooling

How do we give?

Ten percent of Shakti Mats' profits are donated to the charities below. These have been chosen using the research of GiveWell, a non-profit organisation that ranks charities based on their effectiveness. As part of your Shakti purchase, you get to choose where your contribution is made.

Against Malaria

In Africa, malaria is one of the leading causes of mortality in children. Even when non-fatal, malaria can damage a child's cognitive development, reinforcing poverty in some of the poorest areas.

Insecticide-treated mosquito nets are the most effective means of preventing malaria. These nets are distributed through Against Malaria.

Contribution: 24,444 children protected by treated mosquito nets

Deworm the World

Intestinal worms are common in many of the poorest countries in the world and affect mostly children. Intestinal worms pose a serious threat to a child's health, education, and productivity - slowing economic development in parts of the world that can least afford it.

Regular treatment with a simple pill is the safest and most effective solution. Pills are distributed through Evidence Action's school-based deworming programme.

Contribution: 173,825 deworming tablets administered

Helen Keller International

According to The World Health Organization, 50% of children in Africa and South Asia are vitamin A deficient, which is a leading cause of blindness. An estimated 100,000 children die each year as a result of this deficiency.

Oral vitamin A supplementation through HKI provide children with high-dose vitamin A supplements multiple times each year.

Contribution: 54,685 Vitamin A drops administered

Cool Earth

Due to financial pressures, indigenous communities sell sections of their rainforest to logging companies. The resulting deforestation destroys the biodiversity of the planet as well as the land on which they live.

Sustainable agreements between local communities and loggers are the best way to ensure rainforests are protected. Currently local communities are protecting 99,162 hectares of rainforest through Cool Earth.

Contribution: 2,590 rainforest trees saved

Local community

Children in poverty experience educational disadvantages, having a massive impact on their livelihood. We support a number of initiatives that provide children with access to education so that they can have greater opportunities in their early life.  


140 children funded to extend their education through Learn for Life.

1 year of rent for the Seed for Change education center.

8 scholarships to send the daughters of Shakti's craftswomen to high quality private schools.